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San Francisco shines in Illumination's "Minions-The Rise of Gru"

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

By: Elaine Vanderwerf

Animated view of Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco's famous Market Street in "Minions-The Rise of Gru". (photo: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

Stuart, Kevin and Bob are back with the rest of the Minions gang in a delightful origin story that gives "Despicable Me" fans plenty to love. The film indulges followers of the biggest global animated franchise in history with a comedy-filled look at Gru's back-story. The Rise of Gru showcases the events in the young super-villain's life that would lead Gru and his team of Minions to the top of the villainy world.

Set mostly in 1970's San Francisco, the city's hippie scene is set against the backdrop of the San Francisco's most famous landmarks. Minions run into trouble in the city's China Town, while the easily recognizable Golden Gate Bridge, Market Street and the famous trolley cars are featured throughout the film.

Audiences will love all the nods and references to Gru's future plans, inventions, personal connections even his decorating style! Academy awarding winner Alan Arkin joins the cast as the young Gru's favourite villain - Wild Knuckles. Arkin's dry humour and unique voice steals the show, as Steve Carell's 11 year-old Gru makes-off with everything else!

Soaked in the feel of the 70's, from Tupperware parties to psychedelic colours, music and fashion, this film will have adults feeling nostalgic (note the red rotary phone!) while kids will love the introduction of a new minion to the mix! "Otto" a loveable, talkative and rotund Minion joins Bob, Kevin and Stuart to help save the day.

Illuminations's The Rise of Gru is a must for any Minions collection. Available now from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Digital, 4K Ultra HD, BLU-RAY and DVD.


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