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"Marry Me"- How a Jennifer Lopez RomCom crashed a sold-out New York City concert

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

By: Elaine Vanderwerf

Latin music star Maluma with Jennifer Lopez, Madison Square Garden (Photo: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

Hollywood royalty and film producer Jennifer Lopez, knows some things have to be real to be believed. So when she looked to cast her pop star fiancé for her latest romantic comedy, "Marry Me", she turned to real-life Latin superstar Maluma.

"We needed someone who could really pull off that they were a superstar, who was easy on stage, who girls would go crazy for," Lopez said in an interview included on the Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD bonus features.

Lopez, Director Kat Coiro and the film's crew then took the "reality" to a whole new level. "We really wanted to sing at a big venue and Maluma happened to be doing a concert in New York at Madison Square Garden, so we were like, why don't we crash that concert and film? So we did," Lopez admitted with a smile.

In the middle of Maluma's October 2019, sold-out NYC show, he and Lopez surprised 20 thousand fans by performing one of the film's most powerful songs to a real world audience.

"Live at Madison Square Garden" and the story it tells, is just one of the many bonus features included in the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment release. "Marry Me" also takes movie lovers on a behind the scenes look at the music of film and how Jennifer Lopez and Maluma collaborated to create powerful songs and the meaning behind them.

Packed with bonus features, "Marry Me" is available on Blu-ray and DVD May 10, 2022.


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