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Butchart Gardens Afternoon Tea as enchanting as the surroundings

Canadian Tea Connoisseur Maria Filosa explores one of the west coast's best afternoon tea experiences.

Butchart Gardens Dining Room (photo: Gino Ortuso)

When visiting Victoria, British Columbia, a trip to the spectacular Butchart Gardens is a must. If that wasn’t enough, making time for a superbly indulgent afternoon tea experience in The Dining Room is worth every cent. You will have a choice of having tea indoors or outdoors. If you choose indoors, you will have gorgeous views of the lush gardens wherever you sit. Depending on the season, you can opt to enjoy afternoon tea outdoors where you will feel immersed in the garden. Either way, you will have wonderful sight lines.

The afternoon tea itself is delicious. One of the best this writer has ever had. The table setting had brilliant white bone china and silver teapots. You begin by selecting your desired tea from a variety of choices. Of course, they have the ever popular Earl Grey and my favourite--English Breakfast but, they have so many more like: Rose Congou, Teaberry Blend and Bachelor Button Soon after I was served an English Trifle that was fresh and light. Then came the 3 tired stand filled with warm scones, preserves and Devonshire cream, savoury sandwiches and a plethora of sweets. The sandwiches were not the usual cream cheese and watercress or egg salad. How about Cowichan Valley chicken with pickled apple, walnuts and blue cheese or Wild B.C salmon with snap peas and lemon aioli? As for the desserts, the selection included a raspberry almond truffle, carrot cake, a baked lemon custard, a strawberry mouse slice and a chocolate ganache torte. Wow! It was a lot of food and every bite was exquisite.

Afternoon tea sweet and savory selection. (Photo: Gino Ortuso)

The quality of the food was excellent. The tea service and the Server were exceptional. He was friendly, personable and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was beautiful and you felt pampered the whole time. All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours before continuing to explore Butchart Gardens. Remember to make reservations well in advance, especially during high season. Enjoy.

Maria Filosa is a Canadian Tea Connoisseur who has reviewed High Tea offerings across Canada, Great Britain and Europe.


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