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A Galaxy Far, Far, Away Awaits at Disney's Hollywood Studios

By: Lisa Naccarato

Photos: Disney Parks

Stormtroopers stand at ready inside "The Rise of the Resistance".

One step into the realm of Galaxy's Edge at Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Orlando,  and guests are transported to the immense world of Star Wars - the monumental movie and multi-media franchise that has captivated audiences since the 1970's.  The meticulous attention to detail is nothing short of astounding, as every nook and corner of this immersive space is crafted with precision and dedication to the Star Wars universe.

The architecture seamlessly blends the futuristic with the ancient, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that captivates visitors from the moment they step foot onto the planet of Batuu. The marketplace, bustling with life, offers an array of authentic Star War items including remote control droids, giving the illusion that visitors are part of the Star Wars fantasy.

The highlight of Galaxy's Edge is undoubtedly the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride.  As guests leave the marketplace and turn a corner, the magnificent full-scale Millennium Falcon comes into breathtaking view. The attention to detail both on the exterior of the Falcon and in the queue, is enough to keep even the most ardent Star Wars fan engaged. Once on board the iconic ship, the interactive nature of the ride allows guests to become part of the Star Wars narrative, taking on the roles of pilots, gunners, or engineers in a daring mission.  For guests short on time, who don't mind splitting up their party, try the single riders line.  It offers and excellent way to enjoy Smugglers Run for a second time without the wait.

While Smugglers Run is a fabulous nod to the single, greatest spacecraft of the Star Wars franchise, the crowning jewel of Galaxy's Edge is undoubtedly Rise of the Resistance. This attraction seamlessly weaves together multiple elements to create a cinematic and heart-pounding experience. From the moment guests join the Resistance to the final confrontation with the First Order, the attraction is a masterclass in storytelling and technological innovation. 

The Star Wars films are known for the massive scale of its cinematography.  Rise of the Resistance carries on that tradition with jaw dropping elements at multiple points in the experience.

The culinary offerings at Galaxy's Edge further enhance the immersive experience. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo serves up a variety of alien-inspired dishes that not only satisfy hunger but also transport taste buds to a galaxy filled with exotic flavors. The Blue and Green Milk stands provide refreshing beverages that are not only visually striking but also contribute to the overall sense of being in a different world. 

Fans of the original movie trilogy will recognize the Blue "Bantha" or "Tatooine" milk that Luke drinks in the very first Star Wars film.  The green milk was featured in "The Last Jedi" and once again Luke is filling his cup.  Luckily for guests, the blue and green milk at Galaxy's edge is a sweet and frosty treat that doesn't come from outer space creatures!

For those looking for a truly unique souvenir, consider creating a lightsaber at Savi's workshop.  This is an interactive experience that is both craft and theatre.  Guests choose various components of their Jedi weapon and assemble it together in a "secret" workshop.  The finishing touch to this 20 minute experience is a group lighting ceremony where all lightsabers are illuminated in each chosen colour.  The lightsaber comes with its own carrying case to make it easy to transport throughout the park and back home. 

Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios is a triumph of imagination and engineering. The seamless integration of the Star Wars universe into every aspect of the land creates an unparalleled experience for visitors. Whether a devoted Star Wars fan or a casual observer, Galaxy's Edge is a must-visit destination that delivers an out-of-this world experience.


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